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My Writing

It took me until well into my adult life before I felt comfortable actually calling myself a writer. I have always been a writer and I'm not sure what prompted my sudden willingness to acknowledge this fact. I guess after years of incessant poetry and prose spilling from my fingers, I couldn't ignore this label any longer. And maybe it had something to do with the aura reading teacher in Sedona, Arizona, who told me I would write a book one day. I mean, if he saw it in my aura it must be true, right? In any case, I'm now proudly donning this identity and excited to finally share years of my concealed work.

I currently live in the house where my grandmother, Sarah Healy (also an artist), used to write and self-publish her work on her own cumbersome, ancient printing press in the '80s. As a self-publisher, she was way ahead of her time and I often wonder what she would think of the self-publishing world now! Her publishing name was Netherstoned Press. I've tried to figure out what this means and so far I have found that Netherstoned is slang for:

1) Heated rocks in Scotland

2) A man's testicles

3) Getting high in Holland

Knowing my grandmother, it was likely related to options 2 or 3, or maybe a combination of the two. So in honor of Sarah Healy, I have adopted Netherstoned Press in hopes of continuing her legacy.

You can find my shorter poetry and prose on the blog, or you can learn more about my newly released book, Leaping Towards the Extraordinary, below.

In the words of Sarah Healy, "She is local, she is modest, she is pretty good."

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"Megan is a thoughtful and courageous writer...she doesn't shy away from her vulnerabilities...Her writing is captivating, vulnerable, funny, searching, and reflective."

─Nancy Pile, Editor & Writer

Leaping Towards the Extraordinary

One Family’s Unconventional Journey Through Schooling and Travel

Now Available!

Leaping Towards the Extraordinary is a story about our young family of four coming out of a deep suburban sleep, rejecting cultural expectations, and experimenting with a radical life that supports our deepest values. It begins with a wake up call and ends with a journey around the country to live, work, and school on the road.

Through this memoir-style tale, I write about how this all unfolded through determination and surrender. I write about the many highs and lows of following my intuition and taking big risks as a mom.


This is a story about motherhood, intuition, education, and adventure, but it is ultimately a story about coming home to ourselves and to the extraordinary.

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Netherstoned Press

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Do you have a writing project that needs a little help to get published? Netherstoned Press can help you either self-publish under your own name or under the enigmatic moniker that may or may not mean testicals and getting high. Totally up to you!


  • Book Formatting for Print

  • Book Cover Design

  • KDP (Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing) Account & Product Page Set-up

  • Hard Copy Proofing

Past and Current Projects

  • 'Til 100 by Ora Schiller

  • Brookside Review by the Brookside Writers Workshop

  • Second Mother by Jessica Schiller

  • Leaping Towards the Extraordinary by Megan Schiller

Questions or comments?

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"Megan used her deep knowledge of Amazon's publishing process to help our writing group package a literary anthology. She was a dream to work with: creative, detail-oriented and quick. She also used her creative skills to develop the perfect cover for the book. We're thrilled with the final product, and would highly recommend Megan to anyone looking for a professional look for their publication."

─Brenda Kahn, Writer

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