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Branding + Web Design

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Megan Schiller Design Example Mockup.jpg
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The Process

Whether you are hoping to refresh the outdated look and feel of your business or you are just starting out, I will help you to create a brand that is visually compelling and beautifully reflects your unique work in this world.


First we will get clear on your distinctive style, values, and offerings. From there, I create a style guide that represents your brand through art direction, photography, colors, fonts, and a logo. If you choose to work with a photographer, I also provide photography direction so that the final images fit seamlessly into the branding.

Once your branding is complete, I then design a website that reflects your brand style, values, and offerings.

After working with you on a brand style guide, I also offer ongoing design services for promotional or instructional materials such as fliers, social media posts, or presentations.

Butterfly Detail.jpg

“In addition to being an absolute joy to work with (clear communication, upbeat energy, and the confidence you seek out in a designer), Megan has nailed every project she’s done for me. The custom logo she created for my small business literally brought tears to my eyes, her slide designs majorly up-leveled my online offerings…After a good deal of experience (i.e. wasted time & money) hiring the wrong kind of help in my business, I am beyond grateful to have found Megan and the stellar work she guarantees.”

─Kate Coletti


Branding // $2100

  • Brand Style Guide (a visual representation of your brand that includes art direction, stock photography, color palette, and fonts)

  • Logo Design

  • Photography Direction (for photo shoot)

Website Design // $2600

  • Questionnaire (to develop your story, core offerings, website copy, and website structure)

  • Copy Editing

  • 6 Page Website Design (I mainly work on Squarespace and Wix, but am open to other platforms), option to add on pages for additional fee, depending on type of page.

Additional Services // $95/hr

  • Design for Promotional or Instructional Materials

Poppy Detail 2.jpg

“I feel so much more established in the marketplace and a clear confidence in my offering guides me more than ever.”

─Alexander Kugler

Examples of Past Client Work

Golf with Rebecka

Rebecka Colonna is a private golf instructor who specializes in helping women to improve their game. Rebecka hired me to create a cohesive brand that would speak to her female clients. Based on her inspiration and style, I came up with a theme of "Vintage Warmth with Feminine Expertise for Growth and Transformation."

Branding Example Golf with Rebecka.png
Megan Schiller Design Client Project Center for Embodiment Medicine.png

Center for Embodiment Medicine

The Center for Embodiment Medicine was founded by Rachel Jordana Horodezky, a a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director, and teacher of Embodiment Medicine. The Center for Embodiment Medicine is an integrative community mental health clinic that offers therapy, clinical assessments and movement-based workshops, incorporating the mind, body, spirit and nature. Rachel asked me to create branding and a website for the center with a theme of "movement as medicine" where dance meets woodsy, mystical, medicine ceremony, combined with a clinical therapeutic approach.  I worked with Rachel to create a logo, brand style guide, photoshoot direction, and a new Wix website.

Poppy Detail 2.jpg

“I was delighted with the outcome of Megan’s work. She was professional, responsive and an all around pleasure to work with.”

─Rachel Jordana Horodezky

Erika Wright

Erika Wright is a Codependency Counselor who offers support groups, counseling sessions, and workshops (she is also a bodyworker, ceremony facilitator, chocolatier, and singer in a rock band). Erika came to me wanting a new look for her brand and cover art for her new podcast. She wanted her brand to convey her personality so I came up with a theme of Cosmic 70's Rock Medicine (healing and authentic, with a sense of humor).

Megan Schiller Client Project Erika Wright Healing Codependency.png
Megan Schiller Design Client Podcast Cover Art Healing codependency 2 copy.png
Megan Schiller Design Client Podcast Cover Art Healing codependency copy.png
Megan Schiller Design Client Healing codependency copy 3.png
Megan Schiller Design Tending Our Home Style Guide example.png

Tending Our Home

Tending Our Home is run by Kiea Spake-Wright, a naturalist educator, field biologist, and wilderness quest guide. I worked with Kiea to create a brand and website to showcase her mindful outdoor experiences that combines organic elements of local nature with a softened retro surfer vibe.

Megan Schiller Design TOH home page.png
Megan Schiller Design TOH home page 2.png
Megan Schiller Design TOH Sessions.png

Launch Medicine

Launch Medicine was my original design business, co-run by Aaron Schiller. We supported entrepreneurs and business owners in all facets of business- from the launch stage to marketing and leadership. I was in charge of design and copywriting while Aaron led business coaching and operations. The brand theme was "Jungle Mystic," without taking itself too seriously. This incorporated elements of jungle nature, animals, light, and digital collage in a playful way.

Megan Schiller Design LM Home page.png
Megan Schiller Design LM Values.png
Megan Schiller design LM collaborators.png
Megan Schiller Design LM services.png
Megan Schiller Design LM Podcast post 2.png
Nicole Branding.png

Love's Shaman

Love’s Shaman is run by Nicole Tarasiuk, a clinical therapist and shamanic practitioner. When Nicole came to me, she was working under a different business name without a cohesive brand. Nicole asked me to create a brand with a theme of “70’s rainbow unicorn,” with moody, earthy, elements. I worked with Nicole to create a logo, brand style guide, photoshoot direction, and a new Wix website.

Love's Shaman website home.png
Love's Shaman website about.png
Love's Shaman Websit Free group.png
Britt Branding.png

Britt Barrett

Britt Barrett is an intuitive healing practitioner with a background in Ayurveda, Breathwork, Yoga, Reiki, and the arts. Britt came to me with multiple websites and outdated, scattered branding. I worked with Britt to create one cohesive brand with a hand painted logo, color palette, and art direction. I then designed a Squarespace website to showcase her many offerings.

Aaron Branding.png

Aaron Zev is a business and spiritual life coach, counselor, and a divination practitioner. I worked with Aaron Zev to create a new logo, mini brand style guide, and photography direction.

Aaron Zev

Britt Barrett website home.png
Britt Barrett Website testimonial.png
Britt Barrett Website services.png

Kate Coletti + Enlightend Birth

Kate Coletti is a midwife, teacher, and healer. Kate came to me for branding for her online course, Enlightened Birth, as well as her namesake business, Kate Coletti. I worked with Kate on creating cohesive branding for both Kate Coletti and Enlightened Birth. I also applied this branding to her course slides. Kate started off with branding and eventually was ready to do her website. Using the original branding I created for her, I designed a site to showcase all of her offerings.

Kate Branding.png
Maia Branding.png

Maia Newman

Maia Newman is a licensed therapist with a thriving practice. Maia came to me to help her refresh her outdated website. I worked with her to create a brand style guide and photoshoot, and then updated her Squarespace website to streamline her content and better convey her personality and her work with others.

Maia Newman Sample Website copy.png
Maia Newman Sample Website 2 copy.png
Maia Newman Sample website 3 copy.png

Ram Dass Khalsa + Siddha Sound

Ram Dass Khalsa is a music producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. He came to me with an outdated website, unclear of how he would organize his various offerings as both a musician and producer. I worked with Ram Dass to get clear on the structure of his business, created a fresh and cohesive look to his two brands, and designed a Squarespace website to showcase all of his offerings.

Ram Dass.png
Ram Dass Home Sample copy.png
Ram Dass Discography Sample copy.png
Ram Dass Tour Sample copy.png
Amy Branding.png

Amy Macclain

Amy MacClain is a folk musician, facilitator, curriculum designer, and trainer. Amy wanted to revamp her brand to be bright, colorful, and “igniting,” while at the same time feel grounded and simple. I developed a brand concept that included photography direction and a logo, and then designed her website on the musician’s platform, Bandzoogle.

Amy Macclain home page.png
Amy Macclain Offerings.png
Amy Macclain About.png

Kojola Power

KojolaPower is a Wordpress website design business, run by Abby Kojola. Abby came to me to up-level her brand with a new logo, color palette, and photography direction. She shared a custom art piece as inspiration and asked for green and purple to be her primary brand colors. After working with me and the photographer, Abby then incorporated her new branding into her existing Wordpress website.

Abby Branding.png
Abby Kojola Sample Website copy.png
About Abby Kojola Website.png
Abby Kojola Services Website.png
Alexander Branding.png

Alexander Kugler

Alexander Kugler is a spiritual mentor and guide. Before working with me, Alexander had multiple websites with inconsistent branding and no way for his clients to easily access his offerings. I worked with Alexander and my team to create a fresh brand with a logo, photography, and a new website that clearly articulated his vision.

Alexander Kugler Website Design.png
Alexander Kugler Website Divination page.png
Alexander Kugler programs Website.png

Elevating Family

Elevating Family is run by Ashley Newton and serves parents, children, and mamas to be through classes, sacred circles, and mentoring sessions.  Ashley came to me to create a brand that reflects her values of spirituality, healing, caregiving, and water as sacred medicine.

Megan Schiller Branding Ashley Newton.png

Additional Projects

These additional projects are websites that I created for my personal businesses. The Art Pantry is my design studio for kids’ creative spaces, designed on Wordpress and hosts The Art Pantry blog, services, and digital products. The Muse and the Catalyst Squarespace website was the home and brand of a past podcast, hosted by myself and Aaron Schiller.

The Art Pantry Homepage Website.png
Muse and the Catalyst Homepage Website.png

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