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21 Years

I spent my first 21 years searching

In the quiet of the trail

in the stillness of the view

where the urban landscape meets the bay

and the blazing sky casts a glow that ripples through the city, softening the edges

I listened and compiled desires

then I moved through the world with an eager knowing

anticipating the moment I would meet him

I wrote a letter

addressed to him, though his name and face were fuzzy recollections from my dreams

And when we met

I casually pulled out the letter

It’s you, I realized

I have a letter for you

The magic persisted for the next 21 years

The house that opened up in a spontaneous act of the divine

The children, who illuminate the world with their radiance

The trailer, handed to us as though wrapped in a bow

a gift from the universe

The life that was almost lost, yet resurrected stronger than ever

As these 21 years come to a close

the magic morphs and moves with us

What may appear to be the end

is only the reforming of the essence

like an iron sculpture, melted down and cast into something new

Cast into family

into friendship

Solid and beautiful

arms wide open to welcome the world


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